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About HSPN Networks

HSPN Networks brings automotive performance and styling to life for enthusiasts. By developing a family of brands and featuring content developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we are focused on creating a network of informative and engaging, user-friendly websites that stoke their passion. ("HSPN") is the ultimate information source for automotive enthusiasts. Too often, the information on the Internet related to vehicles and automotive products and accessories is misleading, unorganized, and inaccurate, which can leave enthusiasts frustrated and skeptical. HSPN's guidance can help enthusiasts become more informed and more confident about buying new automotive products and accessories and getting the most out of them. offers editorial content, product reviews, the latest automotive press releases, a company and track directory, how-to install videos, and video product reviews. ("KOI")
KOI is the first online shopping mall for automotive enthusiasts searching for parts and accessories. While it currently caters to Japanese vehicles, KOI will serve as one storefront of a larger online shopping mall that will feature products for American and European vehicles as well. Our online shopping mall provides enthusiasts with a one-stop website to learn about virtually every aftermarket part available for their vehicles. Each product listing in the online catalog links directly to the specific web pages of manufacturers or vendors selling the particular product. Enthusiasts no longer need to waste time visiting hundreds of websites to find the part they have been looking for.
IWSTI is the largest and fastest growing STI enthusiast community on the Internet. IWSTI features the latest Subaru related news articles, member photo galleries, and the largest STI forum on the Internet. The members of IWSTI represent over 70% of North America's STI owners.
A website dedicated to Drifting. This site provides a Drift Enthusiast with the latest Drifting news and Drifting editorial content (supplied by an HSPN RSS feed), and links to all the favorite drift sites of the drifting enthusiast, including websites of the Professional Drift Organizations, Drift Teams, websites of the Drift Drivers, websites of the companies that sell or manufacture parts for Drifting, and websites of companies that organize drift events for the public.
Rice or Not is the premiere "rice rating" website where you can rate photos from 1 (not) to 10 (rice). Rice is a word that, in the past, described modified Japanese import vehicles that lacked horsepower. Today, the word is not limited to just these vehicles. It has come to describe any vehicle customized in poor taste, or a vehicle that looks ridiculous and just plain silly. For example, something as simple as putting a GT badge on a non-GT model may be considered by some to be a bit ricey. You might not realize it but that car in front of you might just be rice. Try to find the world's most riced out car and take pictures with your digital camera or camera phone. Can you get a perfect 10? Or find out whether the general enthusiast population believes that your ride is riced out based on your modifications. Post your pic and find out! . After you vote, you can see the average rating as well as the total number of people that voted. ("RD")
RealityDesign, a division of HSPN Networks, is an IT think tank and full IT service provider. Staffed with creative professionals capable of providing research, advise, website design, hosting, and IT administration, this group supplied HSPN Networks with a computer network, designed and implemented all websites apart of the HSPN family of brands, and continues to provide hosting and unparalleled IT administration and support. They are responsible for keeping HSPN Networks online and accessible to enthusiasts worldwide 24 hours a day. RealityDesign is also responsible for designing advertising media as well as video editing services for companies that advertise on the HSPN Network. (coming soon)
TeamRD is the racing division of HSPN Networks. It is responsible for the maintenance, modification, and project management of HSPN sponsored vehicles. The TeamRD site features image galleries, modification and sponsor lists, and features articles related to the build-up of those vehicles. (coming soon)
The Merchant Coalition (KOIMC) was created to bring together vendors dedicated to improving the experiences of online shoppers. has long believed that self-regulation is the only way to improve the reputation of the aftermarket automotive industry by setting a high standard for other companies to meet. To protect enthusiasts from companies that engage in unethical business practices, KOIMC evaluates the vendors applying to advertise on to ensure they provide consistent and reliable shopping experiences for enthusiasts. KOIMC also established a website-logo program for KOIMC vendors to post on their website to instill confidence in enthusiasts when purchasing products over those websites.

To keep enthusiasts informed about the questions they should ask to distinguish reputable companies from unreputable ones, KOIMC publishes articles on after conducting extensive research and interviews. KOIMC also sponsors various motorsports events, enthusiast activities, and online enthusiast forums. It is no surprise that the popularity of the King of Imports Merchant Coalition is gaining momentum today as many companies realize they are stronger as part of a larger merchant group. (coming soon)
An innovative time-attack competition for the enthusiast looking to prove that he/she has the skills to drive his/her vehicle faster around course/track than his/her opponents.

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